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12 April 2016

Boels Rental has been listening to its corporate customers, who nowadays look for a quieter chainsaw, hedge trimmer, brush cutter or leaf blower. The international rental company has expanded its rental fleet with a new range of battery-powered garden tools; products that are so quiet, they don't cause any noise hindrance.

This is frequently requested by professionals in the business market, and something that Boels Rental has responded to. The new range of cordless garden tools produce extremely low levels of noise, which is a particular advantage in urban areas. The demand in the B2B market for the rental of these silent machines from gardeners, landscapers and contractors, among others, is also steadily increasing.

When renting one of these machines from Boels Rental, customers also rent a prime example of efficient engineering. Not only because they feature a SavE mode to maximise operating time, but also because one battery equals a full tank of fuel in terms of working hours. Boels Rental always supplies two batteries and a fast charger with each item, allowing the customer to work continually; since the charging time of a battery is usually less than its operating time. This means the customer always has a fully charged battery handy when the other is empty.

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