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07 June 2016

As of 1 June, Boels Rental has acquired the branches of Kuhn in Zurich and Basel. Switzerland is now the tenth European country in which Boels is active with its own branches in the B2B rental market.

The opportunity to be able to start from existing premises immediately provides Boels with a flying start in Switzerland. The international rental company can already enter into contracts with its corporate customers from day one. Boels will be further expanding the product range over the coming months and will ultimately offer the entire Boels range in Switzerland.

“The two branches in Zurich and Basel both have huge potential. Boels had been wanting to start in Switzerland for a long time, but finding suitable locations in Switzerland is a lot more difficult than in the rest of Europe. Moreover, the branches in Zurich and Basel are positioned in the strongest economic areas of Switzerland", says CEO Pierre Boels.

Swiss market
Switzerland is no unfamiliar territory for Boels Rental. In fact, Boels has been serving the Swiss DIY market for quite some time already through its shop-in-shop formula and has long-standing relationships with renowned Swiss DIY chains. Boels is taking this knowledge and experience with it to the business market in Switzerland. The fact that Boels has been operating in the surrounding countries for many years, such as Germany, Austria and Italy, is also an asset.

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