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22 August 2016

In the summer of 2016, Boels Site Accommodation opened the doors of its new branch in Bochum, Germany. Gino Soons (Manager Site Accommodation) speaks about the opportunities and advantages of this development: “We are yet another step closer to achieving our goal of obtaining nationwide coverage in Germany with Site Accommodation.”

“Thanks to the opening in Bochum, we're now exactly in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, a state that lies in the the economic hub of Germany”, says Gino Soons. “Through our decentralised location in Bochum, we are now even closer to our customers in this enterprising region and are able to provide them with even better service.”

Stepping Stone
Site Accommodation Bochum is given plenty of room to grow further and to realise its potential. Once the branch has grown sufficiently, Gino Soons is confident that it can be used to support other branches in areas where Boels Site Accommodation wants to establish itself in the future. “This is the same strategy we have been using in recent years, for instance when opening branches in Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Steps that ensure Boels Site Accommodation can gradually spread its wings across Germany. “Bochum will be our stepping stone to the next depot. This will allow us to come closer and closer to our ultimate goal: nationwide coverage in Germany.”

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