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The customer had to be able to count on our (fast) service provision at all times

A project according to the book

The project for refurbishing and renewing all the train station platforms at Venlo-Blerick (the Netherlands) had been won on a tight deadline and subject to strict conditions. So the customer, Knipscheer Rail-Infra B.V., needed a supplier of rental equipment that was capable of performing optimally under time pressure.

Fast service 

To guarantee continuity at all times, our specialists could be contacted during each period of line inactivity. This was the period when no trains ran and project activities could take place. Any overrun relative to the specified deadline would mean a corresponding delay for part of the Dutch railway network. And a hefty fine as a result! So the customer had to be able to rely on our (fast) provision of service at all times. In an emergency, in the event of breakdowns or unforeseen circumstances, if equipment bottlenecks arose and if extra equipment was required. 

Digital safety passport 

Our added value as a service-oriented partner was demonstrated more than once during this project. Whenever the customer required urgent assistance, the team at Boels rose to the challenge with the right expertise and skills. Furthermore, a Boels technician was present at the site after each period of line inactivity in order to check correct operation of the stationary lighting towers. This technician also represented a further key advantage for the customer: he was in possession of a digital safety passport (DSP). Professionals with a DSP have access to the railway network in order to carry out work. This saves time because they no longer have to undergo lengthy registration procedures and can access the area directly. Furthermore, the DSP is personalised and lists all the safety certificates possessed by the holder. The technician assigned to this project had attended a DSP training course organised by Boels Training. This gave the customer extra confidence and confirmed that we were the right partner for this project.

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