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Redevelopment of a former mining area


The mine complex in Beringen (Belgium) covers 100,000 m2, making it the largest industrial heritage site in Flanders. Under the name of be-MINE, 32 hectares will be redeveloped to create an area for residential homes, businesses, shops and leisure facilities. Two construction companies, Van Roey Groep and Democo, have set up a trade association called THV Mijnbouw specially for this ten-year project. Their rental partner is Boels Rental.

International property development award 

Of all the remaining mining areas in the Belgian province of Limburg, Beringen is the only one where the original industrial activities have been preserved. Consequently, when developing be-MINE, restoration of the existing buildings was also an area of strong focus, in addition to the plans for new construction. The way in which everything comes together in Beringen is so special that the project won the MIPIM Award for the Best Urban Regeneration Project in Cannes in 2017. A significant achievement when you consider that the project is not scheduled to reach completion until 2023.

Reliable partner 

Site manager Peter Van den Abeele has co-responsibility for supervising some of the construction workers at the site and, among other things, has to ensure that the right equipment is always available. He relies on Boels for this. Van den Abeele: “From aerial platforms to telehandlers, and construction lifts to cutting torch systems, I always get in touch with my regular contact at Boels for everything we need. He recommends the machines that are most suitable and puts us in touch with the nearest Boels branch that can deliver the required equipment. In an intensive collaboration, flexibility is required on both sides and Boels excels in this area. Boels is the perfect partner for my needs.”

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