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Boilers from Boels Rental deployed for process-related drying of floor

Construction of apartment complex in Valkenswaard (NL)

For the construction of a modern apartment complex in Valkenswaard, in the Dutch province of Brabant, boilers were needed, among other equipment, to dry the concrete and screed floors quickly and effectively. The complex consists of a total of 38 apartments. In six of these, the floors have already been dried with the help of three 22 kW mobile boilers. The contractor for the project, Bots Bouwgroep, knew which specialised party it could trust: its reliable partner, Boels Rental.

The customer’s original request was for six mobile boilers for the same number of apartments. But at Boels we like to help our customers think through the task at hand, so that we can give them the best and most honest advice possible. Following a visit to the site, we were convinced that the drying work could easily be carried out with half the number of boilers requested. Just as effective, but a great deal cheaper. We therefore advised the customer to deploy three 22 kW mobile boilers for the six apartments – one boiler for two apartments. This solution turned out to be a great success and the floors in all six apartments were efficiently dried. So was it just a question of setting up the boilers and starting to dry the floors? No, there’s more to it than that. In screed floors with floor heating, as in this project, cracks can form due to thermal length changes. To reduce this risk as much as possible, it is necessary to bring the floor heating slowly and steadily up to the required temperature.

Process-related approach

The solution provided, which the installer from Boels connected to the floor heating, was equipped with a ‘floor heating protocol’. This made it very easy to dry the floor. However, the process-related approach requires a certain subtlety. “You start heating gradually, so as to prevent cracks in the floor,” explains account manager Bram Steenland. “Using this floor heating protocol, we can meet the customer’s deadline safely.” Our company often uses boilers in such situations during the winter months, because they allow you to work efficiently, drying the floor as well as keeping the building itself pleasantly warm. 

According to the customer’s wishes

Boels Rental is well-known for offering a complete package. We record the customer’s wishes and help with the planning, so as to achieve the customer’s aim as efficiently as possible and at the lowest possible cost. Moreover, our installers set up the machines, thus taking work off the customer’s hands, and we maintain contact after delivery so as to be sure that everything is working according to the customer’s wishes. This is because providing solutions involves more than just delivering them. The same process will be used further for this project. After the first six apartments, the other floors of the complex will be treated in the same way. To be continued...

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