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An impressive operation

Placing and connecting a new section to the Noorderbrug in Maastricht

The new Noorderbrug section was connected to the existing bridge structure in Maastricht (the Netherlands) in August 2017. The contractor responsible for this project, Strukton Civiel Projecten B.V., used Boels Rental equipment to ensure that this impressive operation was completed in just two weeks.

A first in the Netherlands!

The project is part of a major infrastructure development in Maastricht, which started in November 2016 and will continue until the end of 2018. The Noorderbrug was closed to traffic for two weeks so the planned work could be carried out. Part of the bridge was demolished first, after which the new bridge section could be slid into place and connected to the existing bridge structure. In practical terms, this meant raising the complete bridge section (180 metres long, 2 x 2 traffic lanes wide), with all its foundations and support columns, to a height of 8 metres above the ground and then sliding it into place. This was an operation that had never before been performed in the Netherlands and, as you would expect, was carried out under huge press interest. 

Quality wins again 

Strukton Civiel Projecten B.V. is a loyal Boels customer of many years’ standing. “We have already completed several assignments with the project manager at Strukton, who is always full of praise for the way in which we collaborate on these projects”, says Boels account manager Frits Dirks enthusiastically. “Our proven flexibility, excellent service and reliable advice were once again decisive in helping Boels Rental win Strukton’s order. In addition, we have a wide-ranging offer in rental equipment, covering multiple disciplines.” 

Our extensive branch network was also a huge bonus. No matter where a project takes place, we are always close by. As a result, we can deliver quickly and minimise transport costs for the customer. Take our branch in Maastricht for example: it is located close to the Noorderbrug. “When the construction site foreman had an urgent request for us, such as delivering extra equipment, we were able to respond very quickly”, says Frits Dirks, who proudly refers to the Noorderbrug infrastructure development as a prestige project. “The new Noorderbrug route, which includes the connection to the Noorderbrug itself, will result in better traffic flow in Maastricht. That Boels had the opportunity of working on this project is simply fantastic!”

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