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Room pleasantly warm again in no time

Powerful solution for urgent heating problem

A large corporation contacted Boels One Call last winter to see if Boels was able to help with heating the office building. The regular heater had broken down and a temporary solution was urgently needed.

Boels Climate Control strives to offer clients fast, expert and professional advice in the area of climate control. This time was no different, but time was of the essence.

“We temporarily took over the function of the building’s heating installation. A challenge that we readily accept as climate specialists”, says Bram Steenhand of Boels One Call. “Because some items stored on the premises were sensitive to temperatures below freezing, but also for the well-being of the people on site, time was limited. By immediately contacting our branches, we were able to quickly help out the client”, he explains. 

“In order to get the room back to a pleasant temperature in a short time, we advised the client to use two indirectly fired diesel heaters. The powerful fan of the mobile and compact diesel heater optimally circulates the warm air using hoses.  The client wanted the room to heat up as fast as possible. This type of diesel heater and connection are excellent for the job.”

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