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Concrete Processing  

All the solutions for concrete and floor maintenance work

Boels Concrete Processing is a new specialised division in the Boels group. For a few years now, it has been able to offer customers the right solutions for a wide range of concrete-related work activities.

Irrespective of whether your work involves breaking, drilling, roughening, sanding, grinding, stripping or cleaning, our concrete specialists will give you the advice you need and the right tools for the job.

Our specialist staff can advise you about the best tools and accessories to use for a specific job, irrespective of whether you have to work in a residential, commercial or industrial setting.

Our branches stock the latest machines and only rents out machinery and equipment of leading makes, such as Husqvarna, Trelawny, Hilti, Bosch, Kärcher, Numatic and Saint Gobain.

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