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Construction Hoists  

Suitable for a large number of sectors!

Vertical transport is needed in every construction project so it will come as no surprise that we have lifts suitable for construction and renovation projects in the commercial, residential and industrial construction, and petrochemical sectors.

No matter where you are: The specialised experts at Boels Construction Hoists are ready to help you with the equipment you need. You can also opt for our full service package and leave everything to us.

From lightweight to mammoth

A professional lift is one that perfectly balances logistics, ergonomics and efficiency. Boels Construction Hoists is your partner for all kinds of lifts. Construction Hoists, transport platforms, mast climbers and scissor/boom lifts: Boels has whatever you need. From lightweight lifts for 200 kg to mammoths for 2000 kg. Working in accordance with the highest quality and safety.


Boels Construction Hoists not only offers rentals and sales, we also provide full-service support for building hoists, transport platforms and passenger/goods lifts. Installation, dismantlement, transport, maintenance, inspections, 24/7 on-call field service, training... it's all included in our full-service package.

At Boels Construction Hoists everything revolves around safe, reliable and efficient transport of people and goods. For every weight and every height, we have the right professional lifts available. And we have the professional staff with the required knowledge and experience to help you with every aspect of their use. And their colleagues from Boels Site Preparation can provide anything else you may need. Simply put: we are there for you in every situation.

Boels Construction Hoists is a subsidiary of Boels Site Preparation. Boels Site Preparation is your partner for quick and complete coordination of everything you need at the building site. One point of contact that arranges everything for you. Just the way you want it.

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