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Party & Events  

Are you organising an event? Let us get the party going!

The Boels Party & Events rents out all the props and requisites needed to make every party a success, ranging from designer furniture, decorative items and perfectly arranged table dressing to buffet systems and professional kitchen equipment and mobile kitchens.

But Boels Party & Events does more than just supply the equipment. As a full-service provider, we can also take care of the logistics for your event. This includes the installation and dismantlement of on-site equipment anywhere in Europe.

All these elements ensure that your event is flawless from preparation to removal. You can arrange all the equipment you need with one point of contact!

One point of contact and full-service support!
Including installation and dismantlement anywhere in Europe!

Visit the website

Visit the Boels Party & Events website for more information and to view our entire assortment.

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