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Serious projects, real-time solutions

Whether you are facing power failure, you have an upcoming project or you need to temporarily upgrade your energy needs, you've come to the right place at Boels Power. Both companies are able to solve your energy supply and lighting problem and deliver exactly the power you need. Is the supply of reliable power or lighting a first priority for your project? Then the professional solutions of Boels Power will provide the answer.

Our technical specialists will be happy to help you select the right equipment. We make sure you can complete your project quickly and cost effectively, and monitor the performance throughout the duration of the project. This way, we can guarantee continuous and reliable service.

We can provide temporary and permanent power supply for:

  • Energy suppliers   
  • Events
  • Building and contracting companies
  • Dewatering companies
  • TV production companies
  • Installers
  • Government bodies
  • Private parties
  • ICT sector
  • Petrochemical sector

For information or

Direct advice tailored to your needs:

The benefits

  • Installed by qualified technicians
  • A high-quality, customised solution based on your specific situation
  • Excellent and controlled quality
  • 24/7 power guarantee
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