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Textbook example of flexible accommodation

Responding to fluctuating student numbers, anticipating demographic decline. School boards are facing huge challenges in the coming years. Boels Units specialises in flexible accommodation for educational institutions. From a temporary classroom to a complete school building for a long period. Delivered quickly, in any size and to any location.

Exactly the space you need.

Boels Units assembles temporary accommodation using individual, modular units. Adding or removing units during the rental period is easily arranged. Just like the number of floors. Even the interior of specific rooms is quick to modify. From computer classroom to canteen in no time.

High-quality learning environment

Ensuring maximum flexibility, preferably without making concessions in the area of user comfort and functionality. Boels Units are finished to high-quality standards and delivered completely according to the customer's specifications. Comfortable, safe and energy-efficient.

Exceptional after school

Boels can rely on years of experience in composing and furnishing suitable accommodation and providing expert advice. Boels Units delivers exactly what today's educational organisations are demanding. From classrooms, school labs and computer rooms to gyms, kitchens and sanitary facilities. Equipped with climate control, network facilities and, if required, furniture.

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