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Telehandler training course in accordance with DGUV 308-001, Stufe 1

  • Satisfies statutory requirements in Germany
  • Including proficiency test

Description and Aim of the Training Course

When using a telescopic forklift, it is exceptionally important to be properly trained in the function and operation of this machine. It is also important for operators to be aware of risks associated with telescopic forklifts.
After this course, participants are able to safely perform work with a telescopic forklift with a rigid upper carriage (level 1), and keep risks to a minimum.

This training also contributes to increasing the efficiency and reducing the number of machine malfunctions, and improves the safety awareness of the participants.


The training course consists of a theoretical and practical part. You put the theoretical knowledge you learn into practice immediately. This gives the training course an interactive character.
The training course ends with a (practical) proficiency test.
Our experienced and professional trainers make sure that you are well prepared for the proficiency test.


  • Legal bases
  • Construction of telescopic forklifts
  • Focus + load chart
  • Structural safety
  • Handling risks
  • Safe operation of telescopic forklifts
  • Use with all accessory equipment
  • Public traffic
  • Storage facility
  • Instruction and adaptation to telescopic forklifts and driving, lifting and telescope exercises


The training follows the DGUV Policy 308-009 Level 1 for telescopic forklifts with rigid upper carriages. After completing the training course, you receive a credit card-sized proficiency certificate and certificate of participation, which you can present at the work site. These items are sent to you by post.
An additional qualification for Level 2a (telescopic forklifts with turnable upper carriages and winches), Level 2b (telescopic forklifts used as lifting platforms) and Level 3 (instructions which are optional or adapted to on-site conditions) is also possible.
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Practical information

Training venue:

  • Group courses are provided at any location with an approved training room/area or at one of Boels' training centres.
  • Individual registration (depending on availability).


Two days (maximum 8 hours per day).

Maximum group size:

6 participants.

Conditions of participation:

The participants must be at least 18 years old.
Possession of a forklift truck certificate is an advantage.


In accordance with DGUV 308-009 guidelines.


Permanently (yearly training is mandatory)

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